Current Frequency: Not on the Air. We will return in April 2024

August 21, 2017 starting at 16:05 UTC time the Solar Eclipse will begin in the United States at Salem Oregon and will continue until 18:47 UTC ending in Charleston South Carolina. Special Event Station N4S hosted by the Gaston Radio Club being operated by W7CSA The station will be broadcasting from Lexington South Carolina. This station will be logging contacts to observe the impact on propagation caused by the Eclipse. This site purpose is to provide information on the Eclipse and broadcast times and frequencies of the special event station. Past experience has shown that an Eclipse has a profound impact on radio propagation, especially on the HF band. We will also be monitoring the calling frequency on 2 meters, 146.520. We will be monitoring the impact on propagation on the commercial AM band. This Solar Eclipse will be a total eclipse, the first one seen across the United States in 99 years. This is a once in a lifetime event, don't miss it.